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[2009-07-27] Network Solutions Payment Processing Failure - huge credit card data breach

Varnish, Wowza, FMS, Mysql: Consulting, Colocation and Hosting

NearSource IT provides the experience and expertise your business needs without the high fixed costs of dedicated staff. By near shore outsourcing your IT needs instead of sending them to a foreign country, you avoid the issues of major time zone conflicts, language and culture barriers, and the security consequences of sending your data overseas.

NearSource IT is a unix consultancy. We specialize in scaling database, website and video projects. We do the major upgrades and launches, whether it is mysql, varnish, wowza or Adobe FMS. We provide full service consulting; we have complete internet infrastructure, from hosting and bandwidth to colocation and rack rental. We have massive storage and network capacity at our disposal to accomodate your critical system needs.

A pitfall for many businesses is trying to handle specialized needs internally, spending precious resources on things outside their core competencies. These businesses try to provide their own IT services, which leads to poor or non-existent design and a lack of proper documentation. This type of "Home Brew" IT is notoriously lacking on the security front, and suffers from a lack of experience and specialization. A generic computer service company can fix a computer, but they cannot provide a tailored security solution to safeguard your most precious possession, the trust of your customers. IT Security is about more than scanning for malware and viruses, it is about preventing embarrassing and costly breaches of data security and integrity, and consistently showing consumers that you value their privacy.

We Make IT Work

You need IT. You need your IT to work. We do that. We have scaled out infrastructure for major media companies, goverment agencies and large NGOs. Database? Mysql multi master and replication is a specialty. SQL 2008 database mirroring with Enterprise is a specialty. Website? We've done successful speed upgrades for high traffic sites since 2001. You probably visited some of the sites we've worked on today. We specialize in blazing fast distributed php hosting. Varnish? We were at the BSDCan2007 where it was announced. We've deployed it for the most mission critical website relaunches. Video? Flash? We know media servers inside out. We host wowza and Adobe FMS for government and private channels. We run optimized servers that push Gigabits per second. See our ScaleEngine product line and please ask for our Scale Engine CDN White Paper.

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