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[2009-07-27] Network Solutions Payment Processing Failure - huge credit card data breach

Network Engineering Services

A properly designed and architected network is key to the success of any business. The network is the backbone of all services and products that are delivered through it, and if that network is slow, insecure or prone to disruption, the products and services based on it will most certainly fail. A properly layered network ensures that high load in one section of the network, cannot disrupt the operations of another section, this technique also allows you to focus improvement dollars on the busy portions of the network, building extra capacity only where it is needed. The goal of architecting a network is to build it such that even unpresidented growth does not require the network to be redesigned, only augmented.

Security at Design Time

When architecting a network, the engineers are in a unique position to build security into the network infrastructure, by segmenting the network and controlling access between each segment. This can provide a measure of nearly physical security on your network, analogous to a locked door between a main office, and a secure storage room to which only certain people have a key. Restricting the flow of data between different portions of the network while still allowing regular business functions, ensures that viruses and malacious users cannot easily spread across your entire network.

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